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lThe Healthy Body Healthy Mind Team Recommends the Following Sitesl

Loretta Siani, Ph.D Hypnotherapy:
New Focus Hypnotherapy Group:
Health and Wellness Site:
Guidance Website:

Lorrie Kazan Spiritual Counselor:


lThe Healthy Body Healthy Mind Team Recommends the Following Books/Guidesl

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The Worst Is Over: What to Say When Every Moment Counts authors Judith K. Acosta, LCSW, and Judith Simon Prager, Ph.D., have written an in-depth guide to Verbal First Aid; a revolutionary method of using the power of words to promote healing in emergency situations. These authors discovered, through personal experience, that when you are tending to a person in a medical emergency, what we say is nearly as important as what we do. The Worst Is Over is just one of many simple Verbal First Aid phrases that can work miracles by triggering the body's natural healing mechanisms to begin the process of healing in a medical emergency.




In the Middle of Know Where
Music for Meditation and Hypnosis
60 minutes

Welcome to The Middle of Know Where, 60 minutes of tranquil, hypnotic music designed to be played during hypnosis and guided visualizations to help you let go of stress, renew your spirit and connect with your own inner wisdom. The unique blend of the natural sounds of rain, birds, crickets, and the ocean combined with angelic, sustained strings, Tibetan bells and the human heart beat will entrain your brain to create alpha waves and a relaxation response.



In the Middle of Know Where
A Guided Visualization for Mindful Breathing

Loretta M. Siani

This guided relaxation exercise uses mindful breathing to automatically cause your body to create the relaxation response. As you repeatedly enjoy this remarkably serene music and the soothing voice of Loretta Siani, Dr. of Clinical Hypnotherapy, you will become filled with a sense of peace that renews your spirit and connects you to your own inner wisdom.



The Magic of Excellence
A Study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and its integration into clinical Hypnotherapy
Loretta M. Siani

Divided into four main sections The Magic of Excellence provides a comprehensive overview of the classic code of NLP and how it can be used in clinical hypnotherapy.






lThe Healthy Body Healthy Mind Team Recommends the Following Articlesl

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Lorrie Kazan, Spiritual Counselor and Psychic

Dream Tending - How to Listen to Your Soul

Article for Intuitive-Connections...The Psychic Paradigm, By Beverly Jaegers

Intuitive Imagery: A Resource at Work by John B. Pehrson and Susen E. Mehrtens

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