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Healthy Body Healthy Mind prides itself in the dedication and service it provides to each and every patient who walks through our doors. As our motto says, total integration of mind, body and spirit is the goal of each treatment program we offer. A few of our past clients gave us permission to share their wonderful comments about our services with you. Please take the time to read the testimonials below and see just how our programs helped these individuals live fuller and healthier lives. We look forward to working with you in the days ahead and hope that we have the opportunity to help you reach your goals!

What our clients are saying:

"Three years ago I became disabled with severe physical and emotional health problems. Conventional medicine failed to give a solution, and alternative modalities did not bring permanent improvement. My work with Barbara has dramatically changed my inner emotional/spiritual landscape to a positive orientation. This is leading to the emotional and physical healing I've sought. Barbara is highly flexible, and adapts her focus and skills with true respect to each person's unique desires and abilities. I highly recommend Barbara to those who wish to acquire permanent, personal skills in creating their own positive lifestyle and values."

~ Shelley S.


"Barbara has the skill and compassion to get to the heart of your issues. After working with Barbara, she has helped me gain great insight into the "why" of my issues. After suffering from IBS and chronic anxiety, and dealing with horrid medications, I am successfully off all of my medication thanks to Barbara and others. It is amazing how clear things become with the help of Healthy Body Healthy Mind."

~ Craig L.


"After over 30 years of smoking, which included cancer scares and attempts to quit, I have successfully become a non smoker with one session of hypnotherapy with Barbara. Her deep insight into my underlying issues and skillful techniques and support have enabled me to attain my goal of becoming a non smoker. I would highly recommend this program to anyone ready to let go of their smoking habit."
~ Jim G.


"After years of trying other alternative therapies for my long term chronic neck pain, I experienced complete relief of my pain after my third session with hypnosis. I have the highest praise for Barbara as a hypnotherapist and I treasure our friendship."

~ Andrea L.


"Be prepared to build an everlasting relationship with Barbara. You will soon learn to appreciate her massive knowledge base, and gain a better understanding of life. Hypnosis was the key to unlocking many of the issues that plagued my life!"

~ Stan L.


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